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Private Selling Officer (PSO)

For the judicial sale of a property, a Private Selling Officer (PSO) is best able to service the sale. In lieu of a Sheriff, a PSO may be appointed to auction the property. One advantage to appointing a PSO is that sale prices tend to increase dramatically when compared to properties transacted in Sheriff Sales. This is in part because unlike the Sheriff, the PSO is both a licensed real estate agent AND auctioneer with Ohio residency. PSO’s utilize this licensure to create professional sales which have been marketed to the public. In short, a Sheriff can not do what a Realtor can!

  • Sheriff’s Sales may take up to 8 months to close.

  • A PSO typically operates within a 30 day time frame.

  • When properties sit vacant for shorter periods, the community is positively impacted in several ways:

    • Tax revenue increases

    • Crime rates decrease

    • Neighborhoods become more vibrant

    • Properties remain in good repair


New Perspective Asset Management has been a source of financial relief to its clients. For over a decade, NPAM has resolved monetary problems, however in dire scenarios, the sale of property/assets is still necessary. As PSO’s, we are able to ensure personally that not a penny from those sales are wasted. New Perspective’s Private Selling Officers sell property for higher prices.


About NPAM's Private Selling Officer

Frederick J. Graft
Private Selling Officer

Fred J. Graft has over 38 years of real estate business  experience. Fred graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in agriculture Education. Fred excelled as a franchise owner / broker in Central Ohio and later received a CR Richard Ellis Top 7 sales associate award twice consecutively. He was founding partner in FLG Hospitality, a national Hospitality Management Company and currently serves as a consultant to Troubled Asset Work Out Projects. In addition to being a licensed Ohio Real Estate Broker and Ohio Auctioneer, Fred works as the Private Selling Officer for New Perspective Asset Management. When Fred is not working, he enjoys spending time with his three children and six grandchildren.

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