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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose NPAM?
  • We have a proven record of excellence in many different receiverships

  • Proven Integrity

  • Vast experience in consulting with many different parties

  • We have completed an impressive number of court cases

  • See what our clients are saying about us!

How Do I Get Started?
  • Schedule a meeting with New Perspective Asset Management to discuss your needs and see if the court-receivership process is right for you or your client's situation.

  • ​If parties agree the court-receivership process could be beneficial to their needs, schedule a second meeting with the legal counsel for New Perspective Asset Management and other key players to discuss how the process works and where best to employ it.

Contract Review
How is the Receiver Paid?
  • Receivership can be an alternative to other means as a way to avoid legal expenses and time sink as cases progress.

  • Subject to court approval, a Receiver has the right to reasonable compensation for services and reimbursement for costs and expenses.

  • Generally a Court pays a Receiver from the assets of the receivership estate.  

  • To be paid, the Receiver submits an itemized report to the court that details the Receiver’s fees and expenses.

  • Ultimately, the Court determines the amount a Receiver is entitled to be paid.

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