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Cheerful Business Meeting
Business Workout & Turnaround Management

Is your company facing challenging circumstances?  We offer strategic corporate financial restructuring, business workout, turnaround and interim management consulting to complement our other services. 

Asset Management

When a company goes into liquidation whether voluntarily or due to insolvency, our team helps with the process. By conducting a full inventory, to the market and sale of assets, New Perspective Asset Management can assist in finding the best buyer to help distribute excess funds to creditors. As part of the company's wind down, we will identify and assess all claims from creditors, review any financials as necessary, then close the business out.
Asset Liquidation
 Scales of Justice

​If a business has petitioned to enter receivership, the Common Pleas court will appoint a receiver to take legal control of the business and its assets. This means receivers have the authority to:

  • Distribute assets to creditors​

  • Liquidate assets as needed

  • File claims on behalf of the company​

The receiver acts as an unbiased third party who reports directly to the court. As a receiver New Perspective Asset Management strives to recover and protect the assets of our receiverships.

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